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PC Optimizer is a perfect utility suite. It is simple to install and easy-to-use application. It is divided into logical categories through which you can navigate by clicking on icons labeled with short but helpful description. PC Optimizer offers an incredibly thorough set of diagnostic components to optimize your system performance coupled with registry enhancers and security guards. It is a collection of tools that offers the most powerful maintenance, repair and recovery features to give the best solution to each and every user.

Compatible with
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Size : 1880 KB Price : US$ 39.95
Key Benefits

Takes care of your system performance
PC Optimizer is designed for your convenience. It is an intelligent application that can manage programs which start automatically with Windows. It can also manage your memory resources and tweak your operating system by viewing and setting limits on memory usage.

Clear unnecessary clutter to increase space on your hard drive
PC Optimizer includes a system cleaner, an optimizer and a duplicate file finder. This tool will help keep your system free of clutters so that your computer runs efficiently. The program allows you to conveniently clean up all the unwanted data and develops smooth functioning of your system.

Adopts secure means to delete data
PC Optimizer ensures safety of each and every chunk of data either stored or deleted from your computer. It completely removes a file or folder or a drive information from your computer making it nearly impossible to restore.

Clear registry fragmentation and get fresh new registry
With its comprehensive suite of utilities and attractive interface, PC Optimizer makes it easy to regularly clean and optimize your system for better performance. The system-optimizer toolset handles sensitive areas such as registry files, as well as less critical data such as backup and restore.

No footprints left behind
PC Optimizer eliminates evidence of activities on your PC by cleaning up all the unwanted history on your computer. It allows you to erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, Windows Traces, run history, search history, recent documents and auto-complete memory from your browsers. It also deletes junk and obsolete files in the Windows temp folder.

 PC Optimizer 2.00  has no SPYWARE & ADWARE
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